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Residential Rubble Removal

Rubble removal in Johannesburg can be a difficult thing to get a handle on, particularly if you lead a busy life like most people. You simply don’t have time to get through all of the junk that you create, much less have it removed from your property in a timely

That’s where the rubble removal Johannesburg experts can help. Our goal is to get your backyard, front garden, home, garage – wherever the rubbish is – looking back to its original best as fast as possible. We provide rubble removal services throughout the city, offering our clients the peace of mind that we’ve got their rubbish removal services covered.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best commercial and residential rubble removal companies in Johannesburg. We strive, in everything we do, to give homeowners back their sense of pride in their property by eliminating their junk that’s currently making it an eyesore. We work quickly and effectively to remove rubbish as fast as possible, so you can get back to your renovation, or gardening, or just simply go about your week with the knowledge that your rubbish will be collected on time, every time.

We make sure that your rubbish is collected down to every last piece. We offer consultation services if you have a bigger job that you need a hand with – we’re happy to help you sort out what needs doing and give you an on-the-spot estimate.

Commercial Rubble Removal

We are locally owned and operated business that has been servicing the Johannesburg area for years. We provide our clients with a convenient and affordable service. We will always go to great lengths to ensure every item we uplift is disposed of properly and recycled when possible.

Commercial clearance requires detailed planning and considerate management from the beginning of the process until completion. It starts with you, deciding what items to keep and what you’d classify as rubbish for removal. We make sure everything is disposed of appropriately, whether it’s potentially hazardous appliances or confidential waste.

We specialise in the removal of rubbish and do so efficiently and meticulously.

Construction Rubble Removal

Clearing out building and construction waste is a notoriously difficult challenge. We provide construction rubble removal throughout the Johannesburg area, our friendly and reliable team can be on-site in no time. From a small home renovation project to a sprawling construction site, we can be with you within just hours of accepting your call. If you need help cleaning after construction work, whether it’s rubble or timber, we can help. We handle construction waste removal of all types, including timber, concrete, bricks, mixed woods, glass, paint, metal, plasterboard, metal, tiles, rubble, tins, and more. If you need specific items removed, get in touch to discuss your waste.

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Rubble Removal in Johannesburg

Frequently Asked Questions

We remove rubble from all scales of sites, so no job is too small or too big with our 1-ton – 14-ton trucks that’s available for all removals and hardworking laborers. So give us a call to get rid of your unwanted rubble.

Three main factors determine the cost: truck size, type of rubble (e.g. garden refuse, household rubbish and building rubble) and distance between the removal truck and the rubble (i.e. if parking is available near the debris or if it must be wheelbarrowed to the truck). Customers can expect prices starting at R400.00/load and should not hesitate to contact us for a customised quote without obligation.

Broken materials, such as concrete slabs, rubble, bricks and ceramics, can be crushed and sold or given away as hard-core for building roads, as coarse aggregate for concrete or as filler material in other construction projects.


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