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Junk Removal

Looking for a junk removal service in Johannesburg? We specialise in quick and easy junk removal services in Johannesburg for both residential and commercial properties. We provide a fast, reliable service with the option of us coming out to you on the same day! We take any amounts of junk you have, no matter how big or how small, as long as it fits onto one of our many trucks (we have 1-ton to 14-ton trucks available) we will take it away for disposal. We manually load all junk onto our trucks with our strong and friendly men, leaving you without any hassles as you don’t have to lift a finger.

Most people call us when renovating or relocating homes, as well as people who need help with furniture removal when downsizing. We provide the best junk removal services Johannesburg has to offer, with a fast and friendly approach to our customers, leaving them satisfied every step of the way. When it comes to commercial junk removal, we find ourselves clearing out all types of rubbish including office furniture demolition waste, electronic waste, and many more. 

As one of the leading junk removal services in Johannesburg, we endeavour to be punctual with all our customers, with a friendly and professional approach all the time. If there are any issues with meeting the time requirements, we make a point of calling ahead and letting our customers know the problem and how long we will be delayed. We understand the value of time, which is why we have such a strong approach to keeping our word.


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JUNK REMOVAL in Johannesburg
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Rubble Removal in Johannesburg

Frequently Asked Questions

Junk removal pricing is determined based on the volume of space your items take up in the back of our truck. Depending on the amount you would like us to remova, you could fall within different price points. If you aren’t sure how much space your items will take up give us a call on Tel:+27 60 082 4564. We’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate!

We have a few trucks to choose from 1-ton to 14-ton trucks.

We work hard to accommodate every job, large or small. To schedule a full house cleanout, give us a call and we’ll find an available time. Depending on the size of your home, the time it takes to complete a full house cleanout will vary.

When you receive a quote from us, it is always free. There is also no-obligation attached, so whenever you receive a quote from us, you are always able to decline our services if you aren’t satisfied with our pricing.


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